About us

The walks leader for Holy Island Hikes is Mary Gunn.  Mary has lived on the island for 40 years and is a member of one of the traditional fishing families.  A scientist by education and a former teacher she is well placed to give you an informative and entertaining view of the island.
Mary used to lead walks for Northumberland National Park when they were responsible for the coast.  When she retired from teaching she decided to offer this service again at Holy Island through Holy Island Hikes.  With her deep knowledge of and passion for her island home you are assured of an exceptional experience.
Mary is active in environmental protection and education on Holy Island and Northumberland.  In 2013 she was one of a group of five northumbrian environmentalists who were sent to protected sites in Greece and Latvia in a fact finding and advisory capacity.  This project, called Parks Protection 2, was funded by DEFRA.