The Walks



Private walks are available all year round.  These cost £55 for one and a half hours and £65 for two hours for groups of one to ten people.  for groups over ten we add an extra charge of £4 per person over ten.  Please pay by cash or cheque as we do not have a card reading facility.   Please contact us if you require a longer period or have a large group – we have successfully entertained groups all day!

Private walks have been taken up by one person, two people and groups of up to forty five!  Comments include

“I could never have found this without you”

“We’ve learnt so much.  We would have just wandered round ourselves”

“So informative – thank you”   

We get many appreciative e mails.  Its so nice to get feedback like the following!

"The wealth of your historical knowledge in respect of all aspects of life on the island and the development of the Christian community was for me incredible and your clear and warm presentation contributed greatly to my understanding". 

            "Thank you so much for your two walks yesterday, they were brilliant. Everyone who I talked with after said how much they appreciated your input, your knowledge and friendly conversation. It was so nice to have a guide who was willing to cover so much of the historical and natural history of the island, and was willing to be flexible with their time."

Here are some of the private walks that are available.  Each walk is individually tailored to your requirements.

The pilgrims way

This two hour walk travels in the footsteps of the celtic pilgrims across the sands from the mainland to the island.  It can only be done at low water and the sense that the path will soon be covered by the tide heightens the drama and remoteness.  Yet there is much to see en route.  Bare feet are best for this walk or wellies!

The lough

The path to this fresh water lake takes in farmland and pebble beach.  The walk back covers sand dunes and sandy shore.  So many different habitats to compare and contrast!  A two hour walk that’s good for spotting different birds.

The hidden village

The remains of a medieval village lie hidden in the sand dunes.  Visit it and hear the theories surrounding it.  This two hour walk includes pebble and sandy shore and a surprise hide or house.

Sand dune and shore

Sandham bay and the coves are perfect beaches well off the beaten track.  The path to them brings up many unusual plants and there are always sea birds when you get there.

Celtic christianity

Holy Island is called “the cradle of Christianity” and this one and a half hour walk in the harbour/village area picks up the story of saints Aidan and Cuthbert.

The harbour walk

A one and a half hour walk round the harbour packs in so much - the nineteenth century herring fishery, the present day lobster fishery, rare whin grassland, navigation, geology and the story of the castle and priory.

Wild orchids

There are a number of species of wild orchids flowering in the sand dunes from late May until mid July.  They range from the abundant and colourfull purple marsh orchids which carpet the grass to the unobtrusive, elusive and very rare Lindisfarne helleborine.  A sand dune walk at this time will reveal a few.
The Limestone Way
This longer walk takes 3 hours looking for evidence of the limestone burning industry that thrived on Holy Island in the nineteenth century.  We'll find the quarry and powder house, the wagonways, the old kilns and the new kilns.  We travel along the quiet and remoter east side of the island taking in many of the sites visited in the other walks, the sand dunes, seashore and lough.